Did you know I am a performance artist as well? 


Live Paint  

Consider me as part of the decorations and ambiance.  I am not the focus in a LIVE PAINT but I can bring an artistic elegance to any special occasion by creating a lovely piece while your guests mingle, dine and dance.  A special touch for any romantic or special occasion.   Time frame: 2-4 hours.










Live Performance Painting


SPEED PERFORMANCE PAINTING is a very powerful, uplifting and impactful art experience performed before a live audience. 


As a feature in your special event,  I will start out with a black canvas sized appropriately for your setting and audience.   As music plays, usually presenting a special message, I create a painting that puts that message into a visual to bring the message through the ears and eyes to the heart.  It is a very powerful, impactful experience and always has a surprise ending.     Time frame: 8-12 minutes

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